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Thursday, November 29, 2007

19 Filipino artists showcase “Works of Heart” at the ECCA Center

Paintings and photographs are said to be an expression of an artist’s soul but they can also be instruments in extending the life of a friend.

Nineteen artists, who were once part of the largest Filipino-owned advertising agency in the 1980’s, donated some of their best works to do just that.

some of the featured artists in the works of heart Edwin Wilwayco, Cris Cruz, Romulo Olazo, Rico Lasco, Bert Duldulao, Hermisanto are among the renowned artists who gave to “Works of Heart”, a fund-raising exhibit on December 6, 2007, 6 pm at the ECCA Center in Valle Verde, Pasig.

Their works together with works from guest artists from the Tuesday Group will be raffled off among the ticket holders while proceeds of the event will go to a worthy cause.

Among the works that will form part of the exhibit are two sketches by Wilwayco: “Two Sisters”, a 1974 pen-and-ink piece and “Nude” a pencil on paper done artwork done in 1977.

“Kasuy,” a 12” x 16” still life, an almost translucent appearance is from Olazo.

Lascano donated three artworks for the cause, all belonging to his “Water Dance” series.

Hermisanto contributed 10 of his finest works, ranging from paper work studies to nudes and pastel pieces.

Famous comic artist Leo “Viva” Zapata, whose art whose art showcases the everyday life, gave “Ang Magtitinapay” and “Ang Mangmamangga”.

A 15.7” x 19” piece “Sticks and Stones” comes from Duldulao.

The lone photographer in the fund-raiser is Genie Arambulo who donated two works on nature.

Other artists in the exhibit include Butch Payawal, Rudy Beltran. Cobie Cruz, Virgie Diano, Dennis Filart, Bert Estolas, Cesar Onglengco, Butchie Peña, Mas Sumulong, Boy Tanangco and Boy Valino.

Interested individuals who would like to own a “work of heart” can call Ms. Lyn Vergeire at 8126469.


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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bikol writers reap Home Life’s 2007 Poetry Prize

Winners of Home Life: The Philippines’ Family Magazine 2007 Poetry Contest in Filipino and English were announced recently.

The Arrogants Bikol writers swept the prizes in Filipino category. The winners were 1st place, Jose Jason L. Chancoco of Iriga City, “Isang Gabing Ganito”; 2nd place, Kristian S. Cordero of Iriga City, “Sa Paglubog ng Araw”; 3rd place, Estelito B. Jacob of Camaligan, Camarines Sur., “Sa Muling Pagputok ng Mayon”.

The winners in English category were 1st place, Luis Cabalquinto of Magarao, Camarines Sur (now based in New York), “Quotidian”; 2nd place, Michael U. Obenieta of Cebu City, “Confrontation at the Café”; 3rd place, Tem M. Adlawan of Naga, Cebu, “A House Full of a Keeper’s Absence”.

This year’s esteemed judges Dr. Leoncio P. Deriada, Prof. Jonathan P. Jurilla and Prof. John E. Barrios selected the winners from the outstanding entries published in Home Life’s poetry page throughout the year 2007.

The contest started in 1992. Past winners include: John Iremil Teodoro, Rebecca T. Añonuevo, Elsa Coscolluela, Merlie Alunan, Raul Moldez, Camilo M. Villanueca, Jr., and German V. Gervacio.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Murtami No.3

say kuanmo ed siak andi anggaan
so panangaron wala'd liknaan

anggan say patey et alageyan
aya so samban agmo benegan

inakmon mo 'ra'y dilin salitam
tan binulag mo 'ra'y dilin matam

ta nalnes ka ed lagyat na laman
nalgep ka ed aplos na lawanan

akablos ka ed kuanmon pangawan
tinekiab mo'y nalmon kawayangan

niukit ed nonot tan ilalam
naulin arok tan pitamitam


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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Press Release: Villafania’s poetry book launched

The latest Pangasinan collection of poems by Santiago B. Villafania was launched at Urdaneta City on Friday, November 9.

Malagilion: Sonnets tan Villanelles is Villafania’s second collection of poems in Pangasinan language which was launched shortly after the 2-day Conference on “Revitalizing the Pangasinan Language and Cultural Heritage” held at the Urdaneta City Sports and Cultural Center last November 8-9, 2007.

Malagilion: Sonnets tan Villanelles The 390-page book includes some 300 sonnets and 50 villanelles, published through grants from the Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino (KWF) and Emilio Aguinaldo College (EAC) under the helm of Dr. Jose Paulo E. Campos.

The new collection of verses is an uplifting exploration of memories of childhood, love, history, current events, the wonders of nature, and the enrichment of the Pangasinan language, culture and literature.

KWF Chair Dr. Ricardo Ma. Duran Nolasco and UP Professor Dr. Ma. Crisanta Nelmida-Flores wrote the preface and the introduction to the book, respectively. Dr. Cirilo F. Bautista, Victor Emmanuel Carmelo D. Nadera Jr., Aurelio S. Agcaoili, Kristian S. Cordero, Jose Jason L. Chancoco, Christopher Q. Gozum, Jaime P. Lucas, Leonarda “Amor Cico” Carrera, Sergio A. Bumadilla and Melchor E. Orpilla contributed their respective blurbs.

Multi-award winning poet Cirilo F. Bautista says of the author, “Villafania is the leading poet of his generation in Pangasinan today.”

Other works of this young Pangasinan poet include Pinabli tan arum ni’ran Anlong (2003) and a chapbook, Balikas na Caboloan (NCCA, 2005). Some of his poems have appeared in local and international print and web publications such as Balon Silew, AWARD, Philippines Free Press, Philippine Graphic, ANI, Philippine Panorama, Sunday Times Magazine, The Heron’s Nest, HaikuHut’s Short Stuff, Ygdrasil, In Our Own Words 1 & 2, Picolata Review, MindFire, and other online poetry journals.

Born in Sta. Barbara, Pangasinan in 1971, Villafania graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Pangasinan in 1991. “Sonny” as he is fondly called is an active member of the Ulupan na Pansiansia’y Salitan Pangasinan and an ardent advocate for the revival of Pangasinan as a literary language.

Villafania is currently a senior web developer/designer in Emilio Aguinaldo College – Manila.

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Litrato: Komaduan Agew na Conference

Dr. Rod Javier, Erwin Soriano, Reagan Maiquez, Sonny Villafania, KWF Commissioner Carmelita Abdurahman (Samar-Leyte), Russel Lomboy and Nap Resultay

Speakers, facilitators and KWF, DJGT and Ulupan representatives

Photos courtesy of Ms. Russel Lomboy.

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

What happened to the 'Speak Pangasinan' rule?

By Danny O. Sagun

Lingayen (7 November, PIA) -- THAT first order by Gov. Amado T. Espino to have the Pangasinan language the primary tongue in transactions within the provincial Capitol appeared not seriously taken. Tagalog or a mix of English and Filipino are mainly used by the people there, even by officials themselves, who should lead their staff in using widely their native tongue.

We could not help but sort of remind the governor when we had the chance to shoot a question in a press conference some two weeks back. We asked him what happened to his directive as we noted that the question and answer in that conference itself was done in languages other than Pangasinan. In fact, before this writer tossed the last question (of course in Pangasinan), all questions but one were all done in other tongues.

"Anta manpapasagiligak lad sikara diad pansasalitak na Pangasinan ag ira met makalikas," he replied. Indeed, he spoke liberally in our native language mixing it with English and Tagalog while answering questions by the media.

He said he was really serious in his bid to propagate the native tongue, now considered one of the major languages in the country. In line with such objective is the undergoing research on the birth of the province. He noted that the celebration of Pangasinan Day is not actually the observance for the birth of the province but a memorial day for the late Speaker Eugenio Perez.

There were attempts to dig at history as to the birth of the province, which according to some people, had used to occupy parts of La Union, Zambales and Tarlac. It is no wonder that people in Sto. Tomas in La Union and Camiling in Tarlac are very fluent in the Pangasinan language.

Pangasinan, if we believe those stories, was not just a simple province as it is now. It was actually a kingdom or fiefdom with vast territory. The legendary Princess Urduja, a mighty warrior, amazon you may call her, bespeaks of the prestige and might of this part of the country had during those olden days.

The governor really had a point in his first order of the day he assumed office. The rich culture, tradition, mores, folkways and of course, language, of Pangasinan must be maintained, preserved, propagated and expanded to the hilt.

We hope he needs no reminders about that task. And we hope to see results before his first term ends.

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Contributors included in the book Crowns and Oranges: An Anthology of New Voices in Philippine Poetry edited by Cirilo F. Bautista and Ken T. Ishikawa

Anina Abola, Alex Agena, Arnold Aldaba, Mark Angeles, Marthy Angue, Glenn Vincent Atanacio, Imelda Morales Aznar, Michael Balili, Javier Bengzon, Anna Bernaldo-Romulo, Marie Bismonte, Raymond Calbay, Catherine Candano, Karen Ann Capco, Jennifer Cariño, Mark Cayanan, Jose Jason Chancoco, Mikael de Lara Co, Michelle Camille Correa, Keith Cortez, Vincent Coscolluela, Jonathan Davila, Raymond John A. de Borja, Anjeline de Dios, Rodrigo V. Dela Peña, Ruel De Vera, Frederic Dimzon, Mervin Joseph Espina, Ralph Semino Galan, EJ Galang, Liwanag Jethro Jose Gallaga, Frances Maureen Giron, Ramil Digal Gulle, Mark Frederik Gumban, Carljoe Javier, Ana Maria Katigbak, Arkaye Kierful, Marie La Viña, Gabriela Lee, Carlos Luz, Paolo Manalo, Mayo Uno Martin, Samantha Martiñez, Melvin Medes, Alessandra Rose Miguel, Raul Moldez, JR Moll, Michael Morco, Ana Escalante Neri, Victor Dennis T. Nierva, Rodellen Paccial, Clarisse Fuschia Paderna, Haidee Palapar, Bj A. Patiño, Ned Parfan, Allan Pastrana, Noelle Pico, J. Lorenz Poquiz, Gerald Feljandro Ramos, José Edmundo Ocampo Reyes, Jun de la Rosa, Romel Samson, Raphael Doval-Santos, Michellan Sarile, Joseph Saguid, Angelo Suarez, Andrea Teran, Joel Toledo, Marvi Torres, Czeriza Shennille S. Valencia, Michelle Varron, Santiago B. Villafania and Lawrence Lacambra Ypil

Authors/Contributors: Please fill out and sign TWO (2) authorization forms; return (1) copy to Dr. Cirilo F. Bautista.

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Monday, November 05, 2007

Makata is fresh!

Makata Issue No.11, November 2007 is now available online featuring the works of our home-grown and international poets: Kris Alingod, Aurora Antonovic, Christopher Barnes, Ravelth Castro-Belicena, Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, Rachel Chan Suet Kay, Junelyn Delarosa, Zig Madamba Dulay, Dennis Espada, C.W. Hawes, Noahlyn Maranan, Christopher Mulrooney and Frances Angela C. Torrelavega.

Send all submissions / contributions for Volume 8 December 2007 issue to svillafania at yahoo [dot] com and to Jason Chancoco at tarusan22 at yahoo [dot] com (for Tagalog/Filipino & Bikol poetry). Also accepting poems written in other Philippine languages: Cebuano, Iluko, Hiligaynon, Waray, Kapampangan, Pangasinan, etc.

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Sunday, November 04, 2007

RP elected to UNESCO Executive Board

The Philippines has been elected to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Executive Board for a four-year term, from 2007 to 2011, as the international community affirmed the country's continuing contributions to secure greater global peace and development.

Based on the report of Philippine Ambassador to France and Permanent Delegate to the UNESCO Jose Zaide, the Philippines received 137 votes, placing second in the Asia-Pacific Group.

Nine countries competed for the six seats for the Asia-Pacific group. Other Asia-Pacific countries elected to the UNESCO Executive Board were Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Republic of Korea, Mongolia and Pakistan.

UNESCO Director General Koichiro Matsuura lauded the Philippines' initiatives that advance greater peace and full development in the global community, including interfaith dialogue, debt-for-development swaps and lifelong learning.

The Executive Board is comprised of 58 member states divided across six regional electoral groups. Half of the board's membership is renewed at the biennial session of the General Conference, UNESCO's highest policymaking body.

Education Secretary Jesli Lapus will represent the Philippines in the Executive Board. Ambassador Preciosa Soliven, Secretary General of the UNESCO National Commission of the Philippines, will serve as alternate. She was Philippine representative to the Board from 1986-1987.

The Philippines has been a member of UNESCO since 1946 and was most recently in the UNESCO Executive Board from 1999-2003.


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A Tao 道 Sign

Le poèt de Pangasinan

Santiago B. Villafania, a bilingual Filipino poet who writes in English and in his native language of Pangasinan, is the author of poetry collections Bonsaic Verses (2012), Pinabli and Other Poems (2012), Malagilion: Sonnets tan Villanelles (2007), and Balikas na Caboloan (Voices from Caboloan, 2005) published by the National Commission for the Culture and the Arts (NCCA) under its UBOD New Authors Series. He has been published in several countries and translated into several languages. Villafania is one of the 11 Outstanding Pangasinan conferred with the 2010 ASNA Award for the Arts and Culture (literature) during the first Agew na Pangasinan and also the 430th Foundation Day of the province on April 2010. He is a member of Philippine PEN writes a regular weekly column for the Sunday Punch.



A collection of ghazals in Pangasinan language. Order now at Amazon.com

A collection of haiku, senryu, tanka, haiga, and other poems in English and Pangasinan language. Order now at Amazon.com

“Santiago Villafania is a searcher with a seemingly insatiable curiosity and endurance. His quest has brought him to explore world poetry from points East and West. He is no stranger to sophisticated verse forms such the Sapphic strophe nor to the diverse permutations of the Japanese haiku. But he is not a formalist, he has daringly explored Asian and Western cultures in a very personal way and writes his mind with a daring, invigorating, aesthetically pleasing ease. In his poetry Villafania displays not only a breadth, but it feels very much like a breath of fresh air.” – Ute Margaret Saine, poet, critic, translator, past president of PEN Orange County and the former editor of the California Poetry Quarterly

“Villafania’s emergence as a poet is a fine moment to celebrate. Another voice from the regions augurs a richer body of writing that Filipinos can hold up as a mirror of our native culture.” – Bienvenido Lumbera, National Artist for Literature

The Beloved Idiom | A Reading of Villafania’s ‘Pinabli & other poems’ by Dennis Andrew S. Aguinaldo

LCCN.: 2010338612

Order your copy now at CreateSpace or Amazon.com :)

"The publication of Malagilion: Sonnets tan Villanelles by Santiago B. Villafania should be a source of rejoicing for readers of regional literatures. This second book by Pangasinan's leading poet today is impressive in both form and substance. Villafania has created 300 sonnets and 50 villanelles in his own language that attempt to reflect the primacy of native culture and return the poet to the central stage of social life."A Boost to Pangasinan Literature from Breaking Signs by Cirilo F. Bautista (Philippine Panorama, 16 Dec. 2007, pp.25-26)

"Villafania is not only a visionary poet, he is a linguistic philosopher who codifies the origin of language and culture, dissects the myths and the common beliefs of the people against the urban legends, juxtaposes the literary tradition against the modern influences by dialectically infusing them in his poetic revelation of truth."Poetic Revelation in Language and Culture by Danny C. Sillada (Manila Bulletin, 12 May 2008, pp. F1-F2)

Photos: Book Launching at the Pearl Manila Hotel, 5 Feb. 2008

"Santiago Villafania's Balikas ed Caboloan certainly has reinvigorated the anlong tradition of Pangasinan that for a long period of time suffered silence from the hands of writers more attuned to English writing. Characteristically anacbanua, Villafania's poetry echoes his predecessors and presages a promising era for young writers in Pangasinan." – Dr. Marot Nelmida-Flores

Thesis: Bilay ed Caboloan - Reconfiguration of Space using a New Historicist Lens by Ayesah Tecson

from Pangasinan 'Anlong': Oral tradition into the 21st century published in Manila Times / Sunday Magazine, March 13 & 20, 2011.

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